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    Posted by What's a mortgage on Thursday, September 21, 2017

    Minh’s is my name and mortgage is my passion. I have been in the real estate/mortgage industry since 2003. My career consists of loan processing, junior underwriter, training new sales people to become loan officers. At a time from 2014-2016 I had over 100 loan officers working on my team. I have a gift taking people who didn’t know anything about mortgages and turned them into loan officers.

    Through the past 15 years I realize through so many ups and downs with society and information that is all over the internet consumers still don’t know “What’s a mortgage”.

    My goal is to educate, empower and connect people with the right mortgage that fits their needs. It’s time to remove the veil and to bring the consumer in the know! No more mysteries, no more uncertainty, its time to make the uncertain certain. Home ownership is one of the biggest investments you will have your whole life. Why should you be in the dark about your families living situation. It’s time for you to know “What’s a mortgage”

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