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I messaged Minh with a question, he responded quickly and we got on a quick call so he can break things down to where it makes sense. It’s hard to find people that have your best interest and I can already tell he is one of the good guys. I will definitely be in touch before tax season!! Videos are pretty entertaining too btw lol

Meryam - Dec 15, 2018

Minh it is very helpful knowledgeable about every situation that you need to know and is very helpful in helping anyone that needs help and is not afraid to get the best deals possible even if it’s not with his company he is for the people and I respect every video and the knowledge that he is dishing out for everybody to know the steps to owning a house and I will recommend him to anyone that I come across that needs information on mortgages selling home or any questions

Michael - Dec 2, 2018

First of all, the videos are a must watch. Answers all questions you have before diving right in. Second, the quality of care I’ve received regarding my loan is unmatched! I can’t think of a single reason why I’d go anywhere else for my lending needs

Caroline - Nov 18, 2018

My wife and I just bought our first house together a few months ago and Minh and his wonderful staff got us the loan. He is hands down the most knowledgeable mortgage lender out there and his staff really walks with you hand and hand through the whole process.

Michael - Nov 15, 2018

Minh is super entertaining while being very informational. He’s also extremely responsive to inquiries. Im a first time buyer, and he answered all my questions in ways I could understand. I feel very prepared for my buying adventure because of him.

Rebecca - Nov 3, 2018
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