September 12, 2020

Generational Wealth

We always want to hear the inspiring story of someone going from rags to riches. It gives us hope for our current situation but also proves to us that self-improvement and changing our lives is possible! I have to let you guys in on a little secret though. I’m a little more interested in the stories about people who inherit those riches! We don’t hear about those stories much because they’re not as exciting or dramatic. And maybe we judge those families a little because we assume they didn’t work hard for their success. In reality there are so many people who are well off because of their parent’s and grandparent’s smart financial investments. These people can expand even further on the riches they’ve inherited and set up their kids for success as well.  


Ask yourself why you do what you do every day. Why do you get up at the same time, go to the same job, complete the same tasks, go to the gym, save money, pay bills, etc. Almost everyone will answer “It’s for my kids.” I can relate! Every decision I make I consider my wife and son and how I can benefit them long-term.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet some wealthy people and been able to ask them how they feel about living without struggle. What is it like to not be stressed about picking a career, affording housing, and having plenty or money in reserves?


The answers always seem to be the same. They families take so much pride in protecting what their parents or grandparent built for them and continuing that legacy. They are well educated, ambitious and have great character. I used to believe they would be lazy, spoiled and arrogant! In fact, they are some of the most humble and motivated workers. They understand that what they have is a privilege and they want to protect it.

If you haven’t seen the Tyler Perry video on my IG feed you need to check it out! Don’t you want to be in a position where you can make change in your family? I am truly sorry if your parents or grandparents couldn’t leave you a legacy. I had to build my own financial empire- twice! You have the chance now. Put yourself into the mindset of doing it for your kids and your kid’s kids. How? By owning! Own your life, own your career, own your home, own your family’s financial legacy!!



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